It's All About Passion

A business built on integrity

Unwavering Dedication

We are on a mission to deliver the best in convenience, value and quality for our customers.


Home-grown and proud

We are a trusted business partner to thousands of local farmers and manufacturers.

Our Approach

Our Purpose & Key Priorities

The world is constantly moving, changing and growing and Stallion Empire Food has evolved too. We are rolling out a new symbol to better represent the evolution of the Group and what our collective businesses stand for today.

With a connected and unified purpose at its heart, We create better experiences together for a better tomorrow, our new identity showcases the impact Stallion Empire Food makes when we come together to create a better tomorrow.

It’s an era of partnership, innovation and deep care for people, as well as inclusion, wellbeing and sustainability. Through all that, living our shared purpose has never been more important. It all starts with ‘We’.

We are Stallion Empire Food


Strong relationships with our suppliers will deliver better value to our customers through trust, collaboration and innovation.

Stallion Empire Food’ management of supplier relationships receives high levels of scrutiny. We have had some success with the establishment of our ‘Good Buyer and Supplier. Yet across the Group, we recognise that we must continue to improve.

Our Corporate Responsibility Strategy 2021 and new brand purpose are working hand in hand to rebuild trust. Trust is built through fair
 and equitable dealings that provide value to our customers and a fair return to our suppliers.

Our Partners

Our Customers & Community

We recognise that trust, and being valued as a customer, are the cornerstones of our customers’ satisfaction. We are listening to our customers and rolling out initiatives to build trust and reward our customers.
Stallion Empire Food is part of the fabric of society and we are proud to be an important contributor to communities across the country. Partnering with local producers and farms in Australia and New Zealand to share Farm to Table experience for our customers.

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